När allting faller på plats

A new week is here, and I want to start by thanking you for all the incredibly nice comments about the movie on my last post. I have answered a lot of the comments and I can say that I was very moved. So thank you for loving the movie! So thank you dear!

Last week, heaven was so beautiful in so many ways. Johan started his new job as a silversmith, we launched the webshop, I released the movie (which currently has 1.3 million views on facebook) and everything as well as getting a lot of speed in some way. And best of all, both me and Johan were constantly walking around with a very nice feeling in the body. A sense of a new beginning. That everything finally found its place. Every day we have looked at each other and said, ” But so, can you feel so good?
That’s the phase not many times in life, I really felt so strong.

And as the dot of the I have finally got back my song voice again. I have been able to bullet on Star and gone into the woods and sang. As I missed it.
And I’ve come up with things I wanted to change in how I work, etc. It was as though this year’s robbery and applicant finally came to a sort of ending destination. As the beginning of something new and better.

And of course, September is here now. September has always been like New Year’s Eve for me. There is really something new in the air throughout this month.
It’s an exciting and powerful time. Do you feel so too?

We have had so beautiful weather in recent days that it hurts my soul so much. A beautiful sunny day in September I think is a thousand times more wonderful than a beautiful sunny day in July. It’s hardly possible to compare. There is something about the air and the light.
But I’m still aware that in a month there can be frost, and even some snow on the ground.

So yesterday I went barefoot on the lawn and stayed there for several hours. I realized that I did not spend a single day all summer long on a blanket on the grass and just listened to the birds and the wind. It’s about time to pass when it’s just going out the door. And I thought about the winter that was that on several occasions I started crying for longing just thinking about greenery.
So I drilled down my feet in the lawn and took deep breaths of the air that was sprinkled with all leaves that are still green. Then I laid out a blanket and fell asleep for an hour. It will be one of the moments to remember when the darkness and the cold are here. Nanook also lay and rested in the shadow underneath the rows next door.

It’s so beautiful when everything is still green, but you start to see small signs of autumn. Some single red and yellow leaves. Color scales really like eye candy.
Now I will make sure that this week is as good. However, I have felt a bit self-starting today. I think last week’s exciting and fun events and intense pace made me very tired yesterday and today. But now I slowly start to find the beat again!

I’m actually thinking about going to the mountains north of a little while. I usually do it this year before the winter comes, and there is nothing more beautiful than the mountain world in autumn shoots. Yes, because I thought the thought, then it will be so. As soon as that thought comes to me, I start so crazy much after the mountains that I can not cope. There will be a seed growing in my brain so close, I’ll be in the car, regardless of whether I have time or not. But it is good. I have never regretted a roadtrip north. It is among the best I know!

I hope you have a great start on this new week. And hope the sun is shining with you too!
Sending is a big hug !!